When I Grow Up

As a child, I have always dreamed of being the President of U.S. It was likely that my egoistic self came from the fact that I always thought of myself as superior due to having a higher capability for math when I was young. While others may be learning their fractions, for instance, I would already be on my way into algebra and trigonometry. Evidently, my youthful self was one filled with over-confidence and a sense of superiority when being compared to others. That probably the reason why I always desired to become a president, and to be a leader of a country. However, now I realize that my mathematical knowledge simply originated from the inculcation of my parents. That was when I started to acknowledge the fact that perhaps I’m not that great after all. The typical Asian stereotype indicates that Asians are “skilled” at math. However, I believe it to be untrue. In this current world, the true illiterates are not those who cannot read or write, but the one’s who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Knowledge, in essence, is basically trash if one does not know how to apply it and be innovative with it.

My enlightenment came after hitting my years of maturity, as my craze for mathematics materialized. In retrospect to my youth where I felt that math was just a subject that has been inculcated on me by my mother, now I actually became in love with math. Arithmetic, function, derivatives, integration, and many new ideas came flowing to me as I now spend many hours a day muddling around in proving mathematical theorems and looking in new interesting areas. Even now, it’s still a mystery as to how I became so infatuated with math. As I start attending University fair and job fairs, one job took my interest, and that is being an actuary. The job certainly looks promising in terms of wages, and it also involved the utilization of mathematics and statistics.

Aside from being a math fanatic and dreaming of a future career that involves it, I also envisioned myself being in a loving family. Mathematics can be used in predicting many things such as the stock market, but it greatly pains me that one cannot use math to calculate the most important aspect of life: one’s future. However, my “utopia” would be to have both a son and daughter, ludicrous amounts of money, and spent multiple weeks in year scavenging the mysteries of earth such as the infamous Bermuda Triangle as vacation. Life would be much more interesting if that is the case!


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  1. Very thought-out. I really appreciate and value your honest insight into your personality and past that makes you who you are. I wish you the best of luck with your dreams and aspirations.

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